The ICS-CONNECT Accreditation Program will prepare the ICS-CONNECT facilitator to bring to their company or clients, the knowledge, training, and materials to make a significant difference in how the organization communicates.  Participants will learn to facilitate a four-hour debriefing session and how to use the ICS-CONNECT tools.

At the end of the one-day intense immersion program into the principles of ICS-CONNECT even the novice facilitator will be able teach others how to significantly improve their ability to influence through communication.

The Accreditation

Participants have the option of attending either a classroom or on-line accreditation environments.

Classroom Accreditations will be scheduled as an Eight-hour session with a maximum of twenty participants and includes lunch, snacks and beverages.

On-line Accreditations are scheduled as (4) two-hour sessions with a maximum of ten participants.  The on-line accreditation is perfect for those who are unable to travel to our offices due to time or cost constraints.

Once the participant has successfully met the requirements of accreditation they will have the right to use the ICS-CONNECT program, and all ICS-CONNECT logos.  In addition they will have complete access to the ICS-CONNECT Administration System giving them complete control over all facets of using our program.

Our Accreditation program includes the following:
  • ICS-CONNECT Interest & Preference training
  • ICS-CONNECT Influencing training
  • ICS-CONNECT Learning Styles training
  • Understanding the ICS-CONNECT debriefing process
  • Understanding how to use the Administration system
  • How to market ICS-CONNECT
Participants will receive:
  • Copy of ICS-CONNECT Facilitators Guide
  • Copy of ICS-CONNECT Participants Guide
  • Copy of all ICS-CONNECT Power Point presentations
  • Ten ICS-CONNECT assessment units (will produce ten feedback reports)
Click for information about the assessment and a sample report

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