No matter what we do in our lives it all starts out with communications.  Whether you are a leader of people, a sales professional, servicing your customer, a teacher, a parent, or simply having a casual conversation, the goal is to keep yourself or the other person connected to the speaker.

ICS-CONNECT is solidly based on the works of the father of modern psychology Carl Gustav Jung.  Jung developed the very popular personality typology.

ICS-CONNECT is so unique in its concept of identifying how to keep others connected to a conversation Seasoned practitioners in the world of teaching communications are raving about the results.
   Entry level employees to senior staff members are praising the ICS-CONNECT program for the positive impact it is having on not only in communicating with clients but also the level of trust developed between employees.

Because of the way the ICS-CONNECT is scored, it doesn't type people and put them in a certain quadrant.  Instead, it demonstrates and graphs all four Jungian Energies and the person's preferences for each energy.

ICS-CONNECT begins with the distinction between introversion and extraversion along with what Jung suggests are Four Basic Ways or Functions; Sensing, Thinking, Intuition, and Feeling.

We all have and use these functions.  We just have them in different proportions.

ICS-CONNECT can be used as a stand alone program to bring about a positive change to how people communicate.  It can also be easily integrated into established leadership, conflict management, coaching, and sales programs.

Coaches are using ICS-CONNECT to make a deeper and lasting connection with their coachees, allowing for greater depth of learning and results.

ICS-CONNECT Interest & Preference Indicator is also used in determining if someone is willing to stay connected to their work environment.  The IPI program uses the ICS-CONNECT Interest & Preference Indicator graph to measure where a person's interest and preference is the strongest within their current career path.

Anyone can achieve whatever career path they wish if their desire is strong enough.  What is important is to understand where their interest or preference lies within the selected career field.

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ICS-CONNECT - Interest & Preference Indicator(IPI)

  • Measures the areas of interest the person will have within a career field
  • Doesn't measure the person's ability to be successful in the chosen career field
  • Measures the level of energy it takes to continue in a career and what the possibilities are of the person leaving the job environment
  • Compares interests to various occupations on all themes, indicating how their interest patterns match individuals in specific functions

  • We choose not to tell you what we think about our program.  Instead, we choose to tell you what some of our clients tell us about the ICS-CONNECT program.

    "Our employees really understand the program and what amazes me is that after ten years they are still applying the principles learned from their ICS-CONNECT experience.  Communications have never been better."

    Jim B. - VP of Operations
    Oil & Gas Corporation
    "Conflict and anger has significantly decreased, making the working environment awesome place to work, consequently our productivity is has improved over 35% in the last two years."

    Darrin T. - C.E.O.
    IT Support
    "The level of trust among our associates and vendors is much higher, resulting in bringing projects in faster and more efficiently, and most importantly under budget….."

    Jim M. - President
    "It immediately helped me see where we could improve team results.  Our team effectiveness is very high and I can contribute it to the ICS-CONNECT training."

    Terry M. - Senior Team Leader
    Oil Exploration
    "For the first time our staff is endorsing this type of program……!"

    Bill N. - Superintendent
    Independent School District
    "Since we are using the principles learned in the ICS-CONNECT program we are seeing more co-operation among the staff, less time wasted having to revisit projects and tasks due to not understanding what was communicated.  We all are connected at a higher level.  This works and works well."

    Carl S. - President
    Equipment Supply
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